KIM Min Kyoung & CHANG Yunju
(Kim, Min Kyoung born in 1983, live and active in Seoul, Chang, Yunju born in 1981, live in Incheon)

Min Kyoung Kim and Yunju Chang are two young artists from different backgrounds. They will present for the 2009 International Incheon Women Artists' Biennale. Kim graduated from Hongik University Department of Painting and has held several exhibitions and solo shows. Jang majored in Fine Art and Business Management at Sungkyunkwan University and graduated from its Graduate School of Art History to acquire experiences as both artist and curator.
Historically, Incheon, the host city of the 2009 International Women Artists' Biennale, has been the major international port for trading with China due to its geo-political location. In the modern times, it was the gateway into Korea for the foreign powers and the first city which Japan conquered to spread its powers to East Asia. The China Town succeeds a very unique cultural geography for the minorities in Korea.
Kim and Chang focuses on the cultural originality and isolation of the China Town near Incheon Port, the geographical center of three major countries in East Asia. The installation named consists of objects they have collected from the China Town and two slide projectors. The artists made themselves aliens among the alien residents in the China Town and revealed that their communication had to be segmented. In order to share their communication problems and experiences in the China Town, where kitsch culture is produced and consumed, they adopted the Netherlands' object paintings, which metaphorically used mundane objects to represent life. The objects are used as metaphorical symbols and the images revealed in order by the projectors. Considering that the newly renovated venue of Incheon Art Platform reflect the history of Japanese imperial rule over Korea, the artists' texts imply a more complicated meaning in a mutual communication with the past, the present, and the future.