Terra Incognita
2011 Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale
 Period Oct. 1 ~ Oct. 30
 Venue Incheon Culture & Arts Center
 Artists 28 international artists from 13 countries
‘Terra Incognita’, the theme of 2011 Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, is based on the concept of ‘Multiverse’. Multiverse (also called ‘Parallel Universes’) is a theory that our universe would be just one among infinite universes, and that within these, places could exist where our doubles reside and unknowingly mirror our actions. A number of the artists in the exhibition address this and other kind of parallel universe in their works, such as the ongoing conflicts between Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, or between the two Koreas. The exhibition also includes works by artists who are not content to stay on their side of a borderline, and who, through their works, transgress personal and social boundaries.
Former Director of the List Visual Arts Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1999 to May, 2011 and Director of Exhibitions at the Queens Museum of Art in New York from 1992 to 1999, is an independent curator in New York. She was one of the organizers for Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin 1950s-1980s, which toured the United States.
Artists Rep.of S.Africa Jyoti Mistry
Mexico Julieta Aranda
U.S.A Joan Jonas, Vija Celmins, Latoya Ruby Frazier, Jill Magid, Lee Jae Rhim, Laurel Nakadate
China Cao Fei
Argentina Amalia Pica
UK Katie Paterson, Emily Wardill
Israel Sigalit Landau, Yael Bartana
India Dayanita Singh
Japan Yoko Ono, Tomoko Shioyasu
Kenya Wangechi Mutu
Pakistan Bani Abidi
Palestan Larissa Sansour
Korea Kim Min Ae, Kim He Ryun, Ra Jong Min, Shin Gyung Jin, Ahn Jong Yeun, Lee Jung, Ham Yang Ah, Nikki S. Lee
Artists Country
김민애 Minae KIM Korea
김혜련 Heryun KIM Korea
니키 리 Nikki S. LEE Korea
다야니타 싱 Dayanita SINGH India
라리사 산소어 Larissa SANSOUR Palestine
라종민 RA Jong Min Korea
라토야 루비 프래지어 LaToya Ruby FRAZIER USA
로렐 나카다테 Laurel NAKADATE USA
바니 아비디 Bani ABIDI Pakistan
비야 셀민스 Vija CELMINS USA
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