In the Wake of 2013
 Curator Han Heng Gil_ Curator, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning
Rhee Gyoung Mo _ Art Critic, Chef Editor Misulsegye
Christopher K Ho_ Critic, Department of Painting at Rhode Island School of Design
Jose Ruiz_ Independent Curator
Yue Kyoeng Sub_ Artist, Independent Curator
 Period Oct. 1 ~ Oct. 30
 Venue The Museum of Korea Emigration History
 Artists 106 international artists from 9 countries
In addition to Terra Incognita, the 2011 Incheon Woman Artists’ Biennial (IWAB) showcases the exhibition In the Wake of 2013 in its Tuning section. The exhibition addresses what it means to criticize. What constitutes a critical action? What are its conditions, components, and purposes? The exhibition also explores questions related to the necessity of gender-centric exhibitions, the power of (or the disenchantment with) art that instigates political change and social transformation, and to local Korean perspectives on social repositionings in globalism’s wake. In the Wake of 2013 revolves around the meaning of critical resistance?its mechanics and motivations, its practical and ideological values?by providing a venue for significant projects by artists, curators, and writers from around the world, many realized specifically for this exhibition.
Artists Han Heng Gil
Rep.of S.Africa Andries Botha
Norway Knut Asdam
Germany Ina Wudtke
U.S.A Allen Sekula & Noel Birch, Gabriel Rockhill, Kate Gilmore, Catherine Morris, Sara Reisman
North Korea_Anonymity
Korea Kim Eun Hyung, Shin Hyung Sub, Yoon Ja Young, Lee Ka Kyoung, Lee Za Un, Cho Eun Jung, Janice Ahn

Jose Ruiz
U.S.A Amanda Curreri Venezuela Esperanza Mayobre Canada Public Studio(Elle Flanders & Tamira Sawatsky)

Christopher Keith Ho
Philippine Evita Yumul U.S.A Lap Le, Megha Ralapati

Yue Kyoeng Sub
Korea 425Forum(Yu Hyun Ju, KIM Yoon Kyoung Suk & Kim Jee Soo), Oh In Whan, Ryu Bi Ho

Rhee Gyoung Mo
Korea Kim Yun Ok, Kang Hyo Suk, Park Yong Jo, Byun Young Hwan, Yoon Jin Sub, Lee Young Ran, Yeom Ji Hee, Cho Seung Kyu, Jeong Min Sun
Artists Country
제니스 안 Janice Ahn 미국
조승규 CHO Seungkyu 한국
케이트 길모어 Kate Gilmore 미국
퍼블릭 스튜디오 PUBLIC STUDIO 캐나다
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